Welcome to Lovington!

The Lovington Chamber of Development and Commerce, Inc. (the Corporation) is organized to promote and coordinate the civic, commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial development of the City of Lovington, State of New Mexico. This Corporation is organized to enhance the economic development of the City of Lovington, State of New Mexico and its trade territory by promoting and assisting the growth and development of existing and new business concerns in the area, which shall include the objective to benefit the City of Lovington, State of New Mexico, as measured by increased employment, payroll, business volume and corresponding factors.

Lovington, NM - Making it happen

The Lovington Chamber of Commerce will sponsor aggressive programs of work and stimulate activities which will provide for full development and employment of our human and economic resources. We will provide creative business leadership and effective coordination of all interested parties in solving community problems and in initiating constructive community action. We will further organized to create broad understanding and appreciation of the great opportunities in the Lovington area, and to promote the advantages and assets of or community, within the area, in the state and in the nation.


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